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hwhmaglogo1Horses Without Homes is not directly affiliated with any specific horse rescues, but is an advocate for all legitimate 501c3 horse rescues and sanctuaries in the United States and abroad. It is our goal to help connect their horses with a new adoptive family and we strive to amplify the coverage for all of these animals by raising awareness regarding the abuse, neglect and abandonment of horses that exists today.

HWH does not charge any fees and is not paid by any rescue or sanctuary for the listings we post on our social media page or our print publication.

It is our policy to require available history of the horses, physical condition reports, training level and registration documentation where available to assist both the rescues and potential adoptive owners in making the perfect selection for their particular situation.

The Horses Without Homes website features some of the most popular articles and features from the printed publication as well as some of our most popular social media content.

If you wish to submit a feature article about a Rescue, Sanctuary or personal adoption success story,  please use our Contact Us page.

If you are a qualified representative of a 501c3 horse rescue or horse sanctuary and would like to submit horses you have that are ready for adoption, please use the Adoption Horse Listing Submission Form.

Sanctuaries use the Sanctuary Horse Listing Form to seek sponsorship for your posted horses.

Rescues may list up to 6 horses per calendar month and sanctuaries may list up to 6 per calendar month at no charge to be featured in the print publication and on the social media accounts managed by Horses Without Homes Magazine. Both rescue and sanctuary listings will remain on the website for one year (365 days from listing date) and they will then be deleted. You may relist a horse after this one year time period.