About Us – Why ‘Horses Without Homes’?

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Bryan Ezzell is a machinist/actor/web guy who decided that he could help more horses and rescues if he promoted everyone’s horses across the country.  So it is that Horses Without Homes was created to fill that void. His vision is a publication in which rescues and sanctuaries can list their adoptable or sponsorable horses for free.
Having worked as a volunteer at a rescue in the past, he knew that more public awareness was key to getting rescues and sanctuaries the help they need and to stop horse neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Horses Without Homes is a front pocket operation. There are no investors in this project. Just a working class guy at a wheel factory paying the costs of promotions and fees and his brilliant horsewoman fiance, both with professional social media skill sets doing the work it takes to promote every 501c3 rescue or sanctuary with a clear focus on equine well being.
Bryan is a member of American Mensa, he is a blues guitarist, a webmaster, an aerospace machinist, a Research and Development Department machinist at a performance wheel factory, an actor and a writer.





Janey & Justice
Janey & Justice

Jane Hendron grew up in a house that always had a few adopted dogs and cats. She has a deep love of animals and nature, and is fortunate enough to work in a career that reflects that passion.

The problem of unwanted horses has many root causes, but rather than sit back and feel hopeless, Horses Without Homes provides her with a tangible way to make lives better for equines.

Using her social media, writing, and organizational skills, Jane supports Bryan’s work to develop a quality magazine that will shine a national light on adoptable horses. Her goal is to reverse the paradigm and make adoptable horses as highly sought after as any other equine marketed by a sales barn or show horse magazine. She is a hunter rider, and has owned and loved her unregistered TB/Trakehner cross for 15 years and counting.




Jane and Bryan share their home with two dogs and two cats – all of which are rescues. This magazine is a labor of love and a full-time effort, after their full-time jobs are finished each day.