Our newest featured horse sanctuary is Duchess Sanctuary of Oregon, who are part of a much larger group of horse rescues and sanctuaries. From their Facebook page:

Duchess Sanctuary is a 1,120-acre oasis for almost 200 formerly abused, abandoned, neglected, and homeless horses. Many of our horses were rescued from the pregnant mare urine industry, while others were rescued from feedlots and auctions. The sanctuary is not open to the public, but you are encouraged to visit an open house. Please visit our Facebook events page for more information.

Tour our sanctuary here: http://youtu.be/geIz9BctSnI

Duchess Sanctuary is operated by The Fund for Animals, the nation’s most diverse network of animal care centers. These centers include Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas, Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon, and The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in California. The Fund for Animals is a partner of The Humane Society of the United States.