On December 12, 2014, I Became a Believer in Love at First Sight On The Internet!! Mike’s Auction, in Mira Loma, California, was happening. HiCaliber Horse Rescue posted about a little paint mare with a BCS (Body Condition System) of 1 being rejected at the door of the auction. Annie_arrival at the rescue_BCS1My heart broke for her. HiCaliber then posted a picture of her and said she was safe with them. It was then I knew this horse was meant to be mine.

When I finally saw my girl face to face on my tour of their rescue facility, I didn’t want to leave, and was told she might not make it. That was not good enough for me. I went back the following Thursday with my daughter to volunteer. I didn’t care how many wheelbarrows of poop I had to roll, I was not giving up. I will never forget the first time I turned her out, she ran, whinnied and felt so good. The horse that almost didn’t make it due to horrible edema (swelling) in her legs, lack of muscle, and a broken heart, was running and playing. It was then I realized this horse saved us just as much as our love saved her.Annie_Jennifer Harmel

I adopted Jenga, now Annie, in March of 2015. She is one of the funniest horses I know and brings more joy than I can express. She went from being starved and abused, to massaged regularly, a little fat, and very loved by a mommy and a little girl.Annie_on her Adoption Day

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