1Fat pony cornerThe Golden Carrot is a 501c3 public benefit charity, whose mission is to provide a lifetime sanctuary, a last stop, for older and manageably disabled horses. Horses that have spent a lifetime in service of humanity, that have been injured or worn out in our service. At present, the only other option for these kind servants of man is a choice of deaths. At the Golden Carrot, we don’t believe someone should die because they are inconvenient or less productive or “useful” than they were. We believe humanity has an obligation to reward those they have used for their efforts. Horses are not given a choice in their lives. From four months old when they are taken from their mother, horses are kept separate from their own kind, trained, often forcibly, to perform tasks for a human’s benefit, fed what we want to feed them, when we want to feed it, often hurt and neglected, and then killed in the most heinous way the human mind can devise.

Anaba blueeye 6-26-13The Golden Carrot at least wants to eliminate the last part. We believe we OWE horses better than that. We at TGC do our best to help horses who have no other alternatives, through no fault of their own. Because of their age, they need time in stalls to eat without competing for food, and to rest. The rest of the time they spend in a herd, being horses, having companionship with their own kind – many of them for the first time. Like people, they have occasional spats, the boys play hard occasionally, and they form crushes and affections, sometimes for the rest of their lives. When the end comes, each one leaves someone who grieves for them. And the rest of us rally round to help the mourner through.

We take off track thoroughbreds, quarter horses, Morgans, Arabians, and anyone else in need. We take horses from private owners in the hopes of having that horse avoid auction. We take from Animal Services (AS) seizure cases when AS requests. We even take from auction with the help of other rescues who can attend. We strongly believe that if more support could be provided to rescues, many horses could avoid being starved, or exposed to the hell of auctions and kill pens. If we could say YES when a private party calls, that horse can come directly to rescue. The money spent to bail them (which goes directly to the kill buyers pocket), transport them from auction/kill pens, and quarantine them due to illness/injury caused at such places, could all go towards rehabbing, training and maintaining the horse until a good home could be found. GioJedi buds 6-26-13
Most rescues suffer from a lack of real funding, and also from a lack of space. Rescues that adopt horses out need to be closer to population centers, and space is at a premium there. Sanctuaries such as The Golden Carrot could be further away, but still need space (i.e., land) in order to accommodate the horses who fit their mission. My dream is to be able to assist the rescues I work with, by taking any horses they rescue who either turn out to be unplaceable, or who need many months of layup before they are ready to be retrained and rehomed. With enough space, The Golden Carrot could do that, allowing the other rescues to take another horse they can help right away. We hope to find someone who can donate land to The Golden Carrot (40 or more acres would be ideal) or enough money to outright buy such a property; to provide a secure sanctuary, and a resource for other rescues.booandronan Jedi and Gio 6-26-13Fannie 6-26-13
We believe that more support for rescues, and space, could help to eliminate the “business” of horse slaughter, which continues via auction and kill buyers. Horses trust us enough to climb on those fatal trailers, never suspecting what we have in store for them. We need to earn that trust by finding solutions that don’t involve merely a choice of deaths for a lifetime of service.      Jed and Gio hanging in brush 6-26-13