This is a story about a little horse who was taken for neglect by Animal Control, fed to gain weight, sent to auction, and sadly bought by the same owner again! When Animal Control picked him up a second time for neglect I got a call from a friend who often worked with them as a holding facility.

10155599_872849079397730_57419620073748481_nThis particular man knew I was in the market for a pony for my granddaughter for 4-H.

She often rode my fox-trotter mare but was scared because she was so tall. I went to look at this “pony” and was brought to tears by the horrific sight in front of me! I told my friend that it was a stunted colt and not a pony- not what I was looking for- but when he rubbed his sad little head and leaned against me for support I just knew I had to save him! You could have stuck two fingers in between his ribs and I was terrified he might die! My friend transported him while I talked my vet into meeting us at the pasture.After some worming and a script to add to his food to get his gut working properly we were left with him.I brought my granddaughter out to meet him after a couple of weeks when he had more strength and the two just hit it off! She asked if he had a name and I said yes- it’s whatever you decide to call him! She began by studying him then crossing to the other side of the pen and calling him by one name or another- he only stood and stared at her. IMG_58127330796651She then decided one last name and when she called it he came trotting across to her! Oreo was the name that he liked and it fit him! Today (2 years later) he is gelded, under saddle, and a great companion for both my granddaughter and my mare!